At first, I was afraid to have a trainer with a website that stated "0 years experience"; however, with his credentials, I decided to get in touch with Fernando. I have been training with Fernando for 4 months now. After only two months, I had already completed my first sprint triathlon. Through a program called Training-Peaks, he assigns daily workouts, varying from swimming, running, cycling or a mix thereof. This program also records my progress. Fernando will occassionally train with me and has been incredibly supportive of personal growth. He goes beyond just a company and trainer out to make a few dollars, but is truly interested in helping me achieve my goals. He took an indiviual who only knew cycling and created a runner and swimmer as well. In 5 months time, I will be entering my first half Ironman and am already running half marathons every weekend. In less than a year after I started training, I plan to enter my first Ironman. I am so nervous about completing the Ironman, but I know he will continue to build my confidence as well as my skill set. I can't wait to hear "You are an Ironman" when I cross that finish line!

Oscar Camelo


Fernando is a great coach, he has been guiding my preparation for Ironman Boulder 70.3 since day one. He helped me accomplish several fitness goals that I have never dreamed about or considered possible. He is a successful businessman and a highly accomplished Ironman athlete that can help get you where you never expected to be mentally and physically. Give a try to Forever Tri! Pain is temporary, pride is forever.

Juan C Lopez