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It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend Fernando Lopez as a triathlon coach and an excellent individual.
I met Fernando at work a little over a year ago, my first impression was that Fernando was a very high energy, high execution executive which he constantly demonstrated in all projects we got to work together. One day during a breakup we started talking about fitness and health, at this point I didn’t know Fernando had such a strong background in health and fitness and he was such a triathlon monster.  
So, there is this guy who is a high performing executive in the company and that manages to also be a highly competitive athlete, I got instantly engaged, he transmits so much passion and love for triathlon that is hard to not get the bug.
I started training with Fernando, being someone who had not done regular exercise in years, overweight and overcoming a recent divorce and in just three months, with 26 pounds less,  I ran my first half marathon in a very decent time that I would have not even dream.
I think that what makes Fernando such a great coach is the fact that he would not only train you physically but specially mentally and he walks the talk, providing in himself a very real example that is possible to combine a demanding career with high performance sports, and he will teach you a lot on how to keep this life style.
Having the luck of running into Fernando and taking the decision of getting him as coach have been some of the best things happening in my life in the last few years.
I would certainly recommend Fernando as a coach not only for triathlon but for life.

Francisco Gamez


At first, I was afraid to have a trainer with a website that stated "0 years experience"; however, with his credentials, I decided to get in touch with Fernando. I have been training with Fernando for 4 months now. After only two months, I had already completed my first sprint triathlon. Through a program called Training-Peaks, he assigns daily workouts, varying from swimming, running, cycling or a mix thereof. This program also records my progress. Fernando will occassionally train with me and has been incredibly supportive of personal growth. He goes beyond just a company and trainer out to make a few dollars, but is truly interested in helping me achieve my goals. He took an indiviual who only knew cycling and created a runner and swimmer as well. In 5 months time, I will be entering my first half Ironman and am already running half marathons every weekend. In less than a year after I started training, I plan to enter my first Ironman. I am so nervous about completing the Ironman, but I know he will continue to build my confidence as well as my skill set. I can't wait to hear "You are an Ironman" when I cross that finish line!

Oscar Camelo



Fernando is a great coach, he has been guiding my preparation for Ironman Boulder 70.3 since day one. He helped me accomplish several fitness goals that I have never dreamed about or considered possible. He is a successful businessman and a highly accomplished Ironman athlete that can help get you where you never expected to be mentally and physically. Give a try to Forever Tri! Pain is temporary, pride is forever.

Juan C Lopez