Our mission is to provide the toolbox necessary for individuals in all levels and conditions reach their fitness goals, developing their strengths and overcoming weaknesses. ​​We provide expert advise, technic, and knowledge on how to train your mind and body to reach your full potential.

In memory of Joaquin Gonzalez

Fernando's Grandfather

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About Forever Tri

Endurance training is a science full of variables, including body, nutrition, equipment, and mindset. Based on Certified Ironman training and real competitive experience, Forever Tri provides a platform to help you manage these variables and reach your full potential while enjoying the best and most exciting sport in the world. This platform is based on customized solutions in preparation for achieving your goals, including training plan, nutrition, equipment advise, race selection, and much more…!​​


Our vision is to help people reach a balanced life, between family and training while providing great experiences and developing a sense of empowerment and humbleness.