About Fernando Lopez​​


Fernando is a father, a husband, an executive, and a competitive athlete.  He has learned the art of balancing work and life and is an expert on time management and helping people finding the keys to achieving success. 

Fernando always dreamed to be a professional athlete.  As a young child, he practiced and competed in many sports, including soccer, BMX, and Track and Field; however, family conditions didn’t allow him to pursue his dream. Nevertheless, he focused on finishing university while overcoming multiple obstacles throughout life to live his dream. With 25 years of experience, Fernando is an advanced windsurfer able to surf in all kind of environments. He plays competitive soccer and is a takewondo black belt. Few years ago he started competing in triathlons, on-road and off-road. His initial focus was on Adventure Racing, then Mountain Bike competitions, and finally Ironman races and Marathons.

During his preparation for competing in Triathlons, he was on his own, no coach to guide and motivate him through the complexity and details of triathlon training and racing. Trying to figure it all out on his own was not an easy task. As he looks back, it would have been much easier and he would have had faster results having an expert guidance to help him and improve confidence in what he was doing. The main reason he became a coach is to share his experience and talents to being the coach he never had.

Fernando combines his life experience, business knowledge, and athletic background to help people achieve their goals.

Personal achievements

Member of Team USA Off-Road Triathlon competing in World Championships (Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Canada)

Ironman World Championship 70.3 Australia 2016

IRONMAN Gold All World Athlete or top 1% 2017

IRONMAN Gold All World Athlete or top 1% 2016 
IRONMAN Silver  All World Athlete or top 5% 2015
IRONMAN Bronze All World Athlete or top 10% 2014
Qualified for 2017 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championship Penticton, Canada
Qualified for Olympic-distance 2014-2015-2016 USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships
2nd Place Rocky Hill 24hr MTB race 2016 (1st place on LeMans start)
1st Place on Dirty Dozen 12hrs MTB race in 2016
1st Place on Dirty Dozen 12hrs MTB race in 2015
1st Place on Dallas 24hrs MTB race in 2012
2nd Place on XTERRA Cameron Park and Magnolia Hill in 2015
Boston Qualifier in 2016 (3:07) and 2015 (3:09)

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"I believe in your dreams and goals. Through my personal experience, education, and passion, together, we create a roadmap that fits into your busy life. No matter your fitness condition, I help you to a greater sense of accomplishment and empowerment, preventing overwhelm, stress and injury along the way. I provide accountability and support, guiding you all the way while answering all of your questions and concerns. As a coach my commitment is to help you achieve your dreams and goals while balance training with family, work and other life obligations. This also includes arriving on race day confident in your abilities to complete and enjoy the moment!"



1 Maryland
1  Boulder 
6 Texas
2 Cozumel
1 Punta del Este

16 IRONMAN 70.3

1 World Championship Australia
6 Galveston
3 Austin
2 Buffalo Springs
1 Puerto Rico
1 Punta del Este
2 OilMan

6 Escape From Alcatraz
San Francisco (sponsored by Sierra Nevada)

3 ITU World Championship  Team USA

Netherlands 2013
Germany 2014
Italy 2015

5 XTERRA World Championships:
Maui 2011-2012-2013-2014-2015-2016

2 Leadville 100 MTB race: 

Recipient of Silver Buckle 2016
Recipient of Silver Buckle 2012

4 X 12 hours MTB Dirty Dozen
2016 First Place, 2015, 2014

 4 X 24 hours MTB races:

Rocky Hill 2016 2nd place
Dallas 2012 1rst Place

11 Marathons
Boston 2016 - 2017
Houston 2012 – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 - 2016 - 2017
Woodlands 2014 – 2015
Galveston 2013


Certified Ironman Coach

CPR Certified
Taekwondo Black Belt​